At our hotel, guests can experience the Greek gastronomy. Our chef Antonis Theodorakis and his team deliver an excellent breakfast buffet daily made with only freshest ingredients available. Taste some traditional artisanal breads like whole wheat with 8 seeds or sesame baguettes, as well as pies specialties such spinach pie and cheese pie-including a personal creation by Chef Antonis:

Thessaloniki’s bougatsa! Accredited by Hellenic Chamber for Hotels in respect to its “Greek Breakfast” Program, no visit to Greece is complete without starting your day at this remarkable feast.


Our buffet offers a delightful selection of salty flavours, like freshly-baked bruschettas and cheese pies. For those with a sweet tooth, there are delicious treats such as chocolate pie and traditional halva available. Our fresh home-made jams come in all the seasonal flavors you can imagine! And for health conscious foodies we offer tahini, thyme honey, kephir muesli drizzled over bread – perfect if you’re looking to stay energized throughout your day!

Start your day off right with a cozy breakfast overlooking Tsimiski street’s bustling energy. For just €1 extra, you can have it served straight to your door – no need to leave the comfort of your room!

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